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I - islands and more

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Coral Island  
The Cape Panwa Hotel provides a day trip excursion to Coral Island by our their boat the Panwa Princess. 
Hong Islands          
The islands are of different sizes and are all comprised of limestone so none are the same and subsequently they are not all accessible - travelling here would take about one hour.

In order to explore this island it can be reached by boat from Rawai and is only about 15 minutes.  The island has lush vegetation and a stunning coral reef.  There is also a giant image of the Buddha.
The name refers to the two islands of Koh Khai Nok and Koh Khai Nai.  The rock formations are amazing, the coral is pristine (lets hope it stays that way!), fish are abundant and the beaches are certainly secluded. 
To get here you must leave from Chalong Bay.  There is a long stretch of beach on the Northeast coast.
This tiny island is very exclusive - there is only the plush Maiton Resort there!  The beaches are pristine and the waters are crystal clear.  Overnight excursions can be taken from Ao Makam Deep-Sea Port.

A very small and peaceful island off Phuket's North East shore.  The beaches are clean and the sandy is pristine.  You may want to visit the Pearl farm.

Panic Island
A small island made picturesque by the steeped waterfall and the strange but alluring stalactites and stalagmites

Pane Island
Not all islands are simply picturesque - this one is inhabited by mainly Muslim fisher folk.  They have very little amenities and this does not look likely to change.  There are a few restaurants and shops for the visitors.
This is a group are six islands which collectively cover a total area of 42 square km.  The islands name has a strange history of odd changes but refers to the mangrove forests, since 1983 the group of islands has been recognise as a National Park.  Phi Phi Don Island is excellent for diving and has two beaches for swimming.  Accommodation and tourist services are available here.

A place held in respect by the local people because of the swift nests that are used to make the Chinese delicacy of birds nest Soup.  The island has very tall limestone cliffs and in the middle of the island is a small inland sea.  There are a number of theories about who used the island and why.

Tapao Yai Island 
To get here a ferry must be caught from Ao Makam - this island is the home of the Bucerotes hornbill - a place for birdwatchers.  There is accommodation (Phuket Paradise).

You will not find lots of tourists here - there are only a few bungalows and renting a vehicle is not easy.  So here you simply can relax and enjoy the traditional Muslim culture and the beautiful beaches.  The two large islands of Yao Noy and Yao Nai - but there are numerous smaller islands in this area.  There are some bungalows that can be rented.

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