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D - dentists, discos, diving and more

Deliveries (International)

DHL - Phuket Town   Phone No. 076 - 258 500
DHL - Katu (Royal Paradise Hotel)  Phone No. 076 - 345 455

Bangkok Hospital Phuket - Dental  Phone No. 076 - 215 4425
Dental Care Clinic   Phone No. 076 - 215 025
Phuket International Hospital Phone No. 076 - 249 400
Phuket International Dental Center    Phone No. 076 - 249 9400
Phuket Dental Center  Phone No. 076 - 255 336  
Suan Luang Clinic    Phone No. 076 - 222 579
Thai Dental Centre  Patong  Phone No. 076 - 340 066

Here is a long list of Dental Clinics in Phuket

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Discos / Clubs
Banana disco  Patong   Phone No. 076 - 340 306
Club Lime   Patong   Phone No. 085 - 789 1850
Crocodile Disco    Patong    Phone No. 076 - 294 224
Dance 2000
Dance Fever   Phuket Town (Thai)
OM Trance
Rock World
Safari   Patong  Phone No. 076 - 341 079
Seduction  Patong  Phone No. 076 - 340 215
The Shark Club
The Sound   Jungceylon in Patong
Tai Pan  Patong  Phone No. 076 - 292 587
Tiger  Patong   Phone No. 076 - 345 112
Tin Mine 21  

 Asia Web Direct Phuket.net Phuket info

Dive Sites
There are a number of dive sites, please browse the net but I found this text from Dive Thailand.

Richeliue Rock 
Dive Location:  14km east of Koh Surin Nua and Tai.
Depth: Average 19m / Maximum 45m

As this is the only food source in the immediate area, it is excellent for encountering large pelagics. Rainbow runners, great and chevron barracuda, trevallies and tuna are all frequently seen. The rock is also among the world’s top listed locations for sighting whale sharks.
Predominantly, this is a wall-dive which follows around a main outcrop surrounded by smaller submerged pinnacles whose peaks range from 3m to 10m below the surface. In the deeper waters around the three southernmost pinnacles is a collection of large gorgonian sea fans, immediately beneath radiant hermetypic corals.
Around the corals is a wide diversity of marine life: residents include schooling bannerfish, a variety of snappers and lionfish, moorish idols, titan triggerfish, and even shovelnose rays. Also present are bearded scorpionfish, stonefish, moray eels, seahorses, shrimps, crabs and nudibranchs.

Black Rock 
Dive Location:  A 50m wide outcrop equidistant between North Eastern Little Torres and North Twin Island.
 Average 22m / Maximum 40m

This is a tremendously exciting dive site, with frequent possibilities of spotting sharks of different sizes and species. It is primarily a wall dive, underlined with small boulders. This is the place to observe larger apex predators such as scalloped hammerheads, bull, grey reef and white tips. The sharks patrol the waters away from the rocky mass, passing through and around patch reefs and boulders that have settled to form wide U-shaped gullies on the seabed.
Large barracudas provide a wake-up call for any divers thinking of investigating the rocks in the deeper waters. Reef fish are prolific all around this open ocean site as are minute reef creatures such as nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs. The rarely seen Rhinopia, or lacy scorpionfish has been seen along the northern slopes of this site.

Another helpful site was fromAsia Web Direct 

Dive companies
Dive the World Thailand   Phone No. 083 - 505 7794
Dive Thailand   Phone No. 076 - 238 306
Sea Bees   Phone No. 076 - 381 765

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